All visitors to the school must be by prior appointment only.

Ysgol Maesglas Visit

When we went up to Ysgol Treffynnon our group did public speaking. We all really enjoyed it and we made new friends it was a great day. When we first got there we got in to pairs from different schools and we talked. We said about what we enjoyed and things about ourselves then we said it out loud. We all did very well then later on we went down to have toast and a drink. When we came back upstairs there were groups of three and we said we were actually in a public speaking competition and I had to be a roving reporter. Which means you sneak around different groups and take notes. It was scary but it was challenging but it was great. But my favourite thing was meeting new friends and finding out what high school was like. I think it was the same for everyone else. I can’t wait to go up to high school!!!

Year 6 Ysgol Maesglas