Year 6 Transition FAQ

Year 6 Transition Frequently Asked Questions

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What time does my child need to be in school for each day?

All students should to be in school for 8.40am at the latest.  The first bell rings at 8:40am to indicate that all students should go to their form rooms, and registration begins promptly at 8:45am.

What time does tutor period or registration start?

Tutor period and registration is every morning and starts promptly at 8.45am.  This is always with your form tutor in your tutor room base.  One day a week each year group has an assembly together in the Assembly Hall or Sports Hall, again this starts promptly at 8.45am.

How long is tutor period?

Tutor period lasts for 15 minutes, from 8:45am until 9:00am.

What time is break and lunch time and how long do you have for each?

Break time begins at 11.00am and lasts for 20 minutes until 11.20am.  Lunch time is 12.20pm and last for 40 minutes until 1.00pm.

How many lessons are there each day and how long is each lesson?

There are 5 lessons each day and each lesson lasts for 1 hour.

What time does the school day finish?

School finishes at 3:10pm every day.

What equipment will my child need each day?

Students will need the following equipment every day; pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, pencil sharpener and a pencil case. This list of basic equipment will be displayed in the students’ planners as well as on their tutor room display board.  Students are also required to bring in their PE kit on the days that they have PE.  On some occasions, students may be asked to bring in other items, such as ingredients for practical Food Technology lessons, they will be notified about this in advance.

What subjects will my child be learning at Ysgol Treffynnon?

Students are taught a wide range of subjects within the curriculum.  They will study; Art, Design & Technology, English, Food Technology, French, Geography, History, Information Technology [IT], Mathematics, Music, Physical Education [PE], Religious Education [RE], Science and Welsh.

What will happen on my child’s first day at Ysgol Treffynnon?

On your child’s very first day at Ysgol Treffynnon they must arrive in school by 8.40am in full school uniform.  They will be directed straight to the Sports Hall, where they will be met by their form tutors, Pastoral Support Officer [PSO] and Mr Chesters.  They will have a short welcome assembly followed by the announcement of which tutor group they will be in.  From there they will be taken to their form room with their form tutor.

What do I need to do if my child is unwell and cannot come to school on a certain day?

If your child is unwell then you must contact the school by phone [01352 710 011] to inform that they are absent, and the reason for the absence.  This should be done prior to the school day starting.  You can either speak to the school’s receptionist or leave a message on the answer machine system.  If no contact is made by the parent, the school’s automated truancy call system will attempt to contact you until a reason for absence is provided.

 Will my child be in a class with their friends?

Over the next few weeks our Lead Teacher, Mr Chesters, will be in contact with all of the primary schools to discuss friendship groups.  An information sheet will be provided for each child to complete with preferences on friendship groups and who your child would like to be with in a tutor group next academic year.  Preferences can either be with friends from your Primary School or friends from other Primary Schools.  We cannot promise you will be in a form with all the friends you chose so please list them in order of preference.

My child has SEN and I am worried about how they will handle the transition to secondary school.

At Ysgol Treffynnon we have an excellent and dedicated team of staff supporting students with additional needs.  Our ALN team will receive background information from your child’s Primary School, but they will also contact you to discuss individual needs and the support that we are able to offer.

What uniform will my child be expected to wear?

All students are required to wear the following uniform: black blazer with logo, white shirt, school tie, black trousers or skirt, and black shoes.  Additionally, students may also wear a grey jumper with school logo if they wish.  Trousers must be smart, tailored style trousers, jeans and leggings are not acceptable.  Further information on the school uniform expectation can be found on the school website:

Where can I buy uniform from?

School ties, and items including the school logo, such as blazers, and PE kit, can be purchased from one of our official suppliers: Forrester by Monkhouse (Mold), or 1st Class Clothing (Prestatyn).  Items can be ordered online from these stores’ websites; and .  Plain items, such as shirts and trousers, can also be purchased from these suppliers, though parents are also welcome to purchase such items from high-street stores or supermarkets.

What PE kit does my child need?

Students need the following PE kit: plain black shorts, skorts, or leggings, a performance polo shirt, red socks, black tracksuit bottoms, plain white sports socks, and training shoes.  Additionally, girls are required to have a black fleece top, and boys are required to have a reversible rugby shirt and football or rugby boots for outdoor activities.

Items with the school logo on (including polo shirts, fleeces, rugby tops, shorts and leggings) can be purchased from our uniform suppliers, Forrester by Monkhouse (Mold), or 1st Class Clothing (Prestatyn).  Further information on the school PE kit can be found on the school website:

Is there a breakfast club available at the school?

Ysgol Treffynnon has a free breakfast club that is open to all students.  This is held in AD31 (top floor) each day that school is open, and runs from 7:45am – 8:30am.  There are a selection of breakfast items available including toast and cereal.

How do I find out if my child can have Free School Meals?

Flintshire County Council provide Free School Meals for students whose parents receive certain income-based benefits.  For a full list of criteria, and to apply for Free School Meals, please visit the Flintshire Council website:

Is there any financial help available to buy school uniform?

Flintshire County Council provide a School Uniform Grant for students whose parents receive certain income-based benefits.  Grants are only available to those students due to enter Year 7 or Year 10 in September.  Applications for the School Uniform Grant cannot be submitted until after 17th July.  For further information and to submit an application, please visit the Flintshire Council website;

How do I apply for school transport?

Flintshire County Council provide free school transport for students who are attending their nearest secondary school, but live over 3 miles away from the school site.  Applications for free school transport can be made through the Flintshire Council website;

Students who live less than three miles from school, or who are not attending their nearest secondary school, will not be eligible for free school transport and are required to make their own travel arrangements.

Will my child be able to use their mobile phone at Ysgol Treffynnon?

The use of mobile phones and tablets are not permitted at Ysgol Treffynnon. If your child needs to bring one to school then it must be switched off and put in their bags from the minute they walk onto the school grounds [in the morning] to the moment they leave the school grounds [at the end of the school day]. If a child uses their mobile phone in school then various levels of sanction will be put into place.  Certain allowances are made in situations for students who need to use their mobile phone for specific medical or health reasons.

How will my child be rewarded for positive behaviour and attendance?

Students will be rewarded throughout the school day for various acts of positive behaviour. These include behaviours like performing well in class, helping others, trying hard, being polite and completing class and home works. They will be rewarded through the school’s ePraise system. Each point they receive equates to a monetary value and they can buy products from the ePraise shop.  The shop sells anything from pens, to online vouchers, to a ticket to the Blackpool Pleasure Beach at the end of the year. If there is a product that isn’t included in the shop then students can request those products to be included there. Attendance is rewarded in the same way, however, there are also half termly and termly rewards for positive attendance [prize draws and chocolate for example]. At the end of the Autumn and Summer terms there are whole year group reward trips that are linked closely to behaviour and attendance.

How does the canteen system work?

There are 2 different places that your child can access food and drink from at school. Both are in school atrium on the ground floor. The main [upper] servery has more hot food and main meals whilst the lower servery sells more snacks and cold food.  The canteen is a cashless one so there is no money changing hands. In order to use the system your child will be set up on the school system with either their finger print or a pin number. To use the canteen, you can put money into your child’s account in 2 ways. Either through the ‘School Gateway App’ or by putting money into the school-based cash machines. If you are using the App then the school must have the correct email address on records and these can be updated through the main office.

Can my child access the toilet during the lesson times if needed?

There is toilet access on every level of the building so access is easily available to all students. However, students are only allowed out of lessons to access the toilet during periods 2 and 5. During periods 1, 3 and 4 students have had the opportunity to access the toilet either before the start of the school day, at break time or at lunch time. We therefore encourage them to take advantage of these times. Students will receive a corridor pass from the teacher to produce if any member of staff asks them their reasons for being on the corridor at these times. Certain students with specific medical conditions will be issued with a toilet pass to be used as and when needed. A medical letter is required if a toilet pass is needed.


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