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Year 8 Parents’ Consultation & Options Evening Online 25th March 2021

Parents’ Consultation & Option Evening

Parents of students currently in year 8 are invited to take part in the Year 8 Online Parents’ Consultation and Options Evening on Thursday 25th March 2021.  The evening will be from 4:00pm to 6:30pm and this year all appointments will be held through a video conference. To book appointments with your child’s teacher, and on the evening itself, please go to the website below:

More detailed instruction are available in the document below and the video at the end of this post; please ensure that you have entered a valid email address so you are able to receive all communications prior to the consultation evening. Each appointment will last 5 minutes with a short gap of 1 minute between each appointment. You will be able to choose to make appointments manually or allow the system to create appointments for you. The system will be live from Thursday 11th March 2021

This event is an important opportunity for you to discuss your child’s progress, behaviour and attitude in lessons, in addition to their potential GCSE choices which are made this year. With the many changes and uncertainty that this academic year has already caused it is more important than ever that we work together to support your child and ensure they select the most appropriate GCSE options for them.  

Details of the options process, along with subject information can be found on the Year 8 Options Website which can be accessed here, or found via the school website. 

All students in Year 8 will receive an email with their full written report for each subject in the morning prior to the consultation evening. Therefore, attendance to the evening is essential so that this report can be discussed with subject teachers. 

If you have any queries about the Parents’ Consultation Evening please contact the school and speak with your child’s form tutor, Pastoral Support Officer or myself.

Yours sincerely

Mr M. Seale

Director of Learning