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Welcome to Ysgol Treffynnon

john-weirYsgol Treffynnon is on the road to becoming an outstanding school and will be the only school of choice in the years to come. It is my aim to see Ysgol Treffynnon complete its journey towards excellence. I will ensure that we become a school that personalises the highest standards of teaching, to bring about the highest standards in personalised learning and attainment for all pupils, of all abilities, regardless of background and personal circumstances.

What does outstanding look like to me? An outstanding school is much more than an academic exam factory, as it encapsulates something special, something extra. Outstanding is evident in the ‘buzz’ that can be felt when you walk into the school building, that intangible sense that something special is happening within those classrooms. Where pupils, their families and all staff feel safe and valued so that success and excellence go hand in hand with warmth, care and support. Outstanding is when pupils believe in themselves and know that their aspirations and career goals are achievable. Outstanding is where pupils have faith in their abilities and the commitment of their teachers to support them in whatever ways are necessary to ensure they are successful. Outstanding is where teachers’ commitment to the highest standards of teaching and learning is evidenced by their commitment to continuing professional development, which brings about the confidence to be creative and engaging. Outstanding is about developing honest, genuine and trusting relationships, which enable everyone to relax and be free from fear of failure, so that they are confident to push themselves to greater and greater achievements.

I am committed to maintaining an unrelenting focus on raising the quality of teaching and learning. I am going to ensure that we continue to build upon the excellence within our school, through the ongoing investment in the professional development of all our teachers to ensure they remain at the forefront of educational practice and are best skilled to maximise the skills and talents of our pupils. I will ensure that teaching brings our motto of ‘Inspire, challenge succeed’ to life and that pupils recognise and understand that their greatest and deepest aspirations are achievable.

I want to maximise the voice and influence of our pupils and involve them in raising standards across the school, both in and outside the classroom. I want to know what engages our pupils, what inspires our pupils, what they feel they require from us to maximise their ability to gain the qualifications they need to move on in their education or into the world of work. I want to give them the opportunity to shape the academic quality and pastoral support we provide.

I cannot help but feel excited at the future that lies ahead. I know that there will be challenging times, but such challenges are necessary to bring about the best in all of us. While I relish challenges, they are far more easily overcome if they are tackled in partnership with friends and colleagues who share our school vision of ‘Aiming for Excellence’ because ‘Today’s Children Matter’. I have shared my vision for what Ysgol Treffynnon will be and if you can relate to that vision, if you can share that vision and so be part of something very special, then support your local high school, be proud of your local high school as I am proud to be the Head Teacher of your local high school.

Keep smiling

John Weir

Head Teacher, Ysgol Treffynnon

Welcome to our new school app!

At Ysgol Treffynnon we take great pride in the quality of care and education our children receive. We aim to work in partnership with parents, to keep them informed and to share information about school issues. With this in mind, we hope our new school app will make it easier for you to get up-to-date news and information about what’s happening at the school.

Within the pages of the app you can view the latest news, browse the school calendar and get our contact details, including buttons allowing you to call us, email us or visit the school website straight from your phone. Whenever we publish a piece of news, you will get a push notification alert, so you are kept right up-to-date.

This is a brand new app created especially for the school. For this reason, it is possible that some features may not behave as expected. Whether or not the app works for you, we would greatly appreciate it if you used the Feedback page to send us your comments so we know whether the app works well on all phones. If you have problems using the form, please email your feedback to [email protected]

John Weir