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Talk the Talk Programme

On Thursday 19th January, Year 9 students at Ysgol Treffynnon worked with expert trainers from the education charity ‘Talk The Talk’, who work in developing students’ communication skills to enable positive interaction in all life situations. Talk The Talk has trained over 10,000 Year 9 & 10 students in the past twelve months in England and Wales and nearly 50,000 since the organisation started five years ago.

During the day students developed their confidence and essential oracy skills and worked on how to get ‘their message’ across. By the end of the programme, nearly all students were confident enough to present for 2 minutes in front of peers.

Some quotes from students who took part in the programme were:

“I really enjoyed expressing my opinions in front of everyone. The teachers were very encouraging.” Dylan Lovatt.

“I enjoyed the experience because the speakers were funny and got everyone involved.” Jac Jones.

“The day helped me improve my confidence when delivering speeches and I developed lots of very useful skills.” Josh Blythin-Evans.

“The day really improved my confidence and I found it really fun!” Milly Jones.

“Talk The Talk have massively helped my confidence. Thank you for the opportunity!” Nathan Hall.

The day was a huge success for all involved. The impact on the students’ confidence will be nothing short of fantastic! Many thanks to the representatives of ‘Talk The Talk’ for making the day so worthwhile and enjoyable for the staff and students of Ysgol Treffynnon.

Pictures of the event are available on the gallery page.