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Suggested Timetable for Distance Learning

Year 7, 8, 9 & 10 Distance Learning Timetables

The two documents below have been produced to support families at home with distance learning. We appreciate that learning at home significantly different with a range of challenges when compared with learning in schools. However, we are keen to support our students, their families and the school community as much as possible.

The suggested timetable has 5 opportunities for learning, similar to the 5 lessons experienced in school. The timetable is not an expectation, we believe your child’s health and well-being is the highest priority, if the timetable is useful to develop a routine then please use it or adapt it.

The timetable has been developed to recognise the different opportunities that distance learning can provide but also to help support your child in maintaining the skill level they need to fulfill their potential once your children return to school.

(Please click on the documents below to download a copy)

YT KS3 Distance Learning Timetable YT KS4 Year 10 Distance Learning Timetable

YT KS4 Year 10 Distance Learning Timetable

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