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Snapchat Information

Parents, please be aware of this if your child is using Snapchat. It only takes a few seconds to change.

Snapchat has introduced a new feature in its latest update where you can view the exact location of your friends. It can give you the area, town, and street and if you zoom in enough, it shows the house on the street layout.

If your children are on Snapchat please check if this feature is active and if so, that they have their location set to ‘Ghost mode’. That way no one can see where they are.

To do this make sure app is the updated version and go to selfie mode on the camera. Then zoom out. It will give you the option of changing to who can see your location.

As well as ‘real’ friends that users will be linked to, many will also have ‘friended’ fan accounts for leading actors and pop stars – they will also see your location. How can you be sure there is a bona fide person behind that account?

Online safety is really important.