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Parent Governor Vacancies

Arrangements for the transition from the IEB to a normally constituted governing body

In accordance with The School Governance regulations the arrangements for the establishment of a normally constituted governing body  (Transition from an IEB) (Wales) Regulations 2012, a shadow governing body (SGB) is to be established at least six months before the date the IEB ceases.

In its ‘notification of establishment’, the local authority notified that the IEB would cease on 31st December 2019.

 The local authority is required to determine the Instrument of Government (IOG) for the new Governing Body. In accordance with the Government of Maintained Schools (Wales) Regulations 2005, the IOG will remain as constituted before the establishment of the IEB.     

Therefore we are looking to appoint 5  Parent Governors

An elected parent governor is defined in law as “a person who is elected as a governor by parents of registered pupils at the school and is himself or herself such a parent at the time when he or she is elected”.

Every parent of a registered pupil is eligible to stand for election.   People with parental responsibility can also stand as parent governors, and vote in the election of parent governors.  Further information on the definition of “parent and parental responsibility is available in Welsh Government guidance 12/2007.

Every parent of a registered pupil is entitled to one vote, even if they have more than one child at the school.

If anyone would like to be considered for a Parent Governor role please send the completed application form to Mr Weir by Friday 21st June. If there are several applicants for a post then a ballot will take place. In that event every parent of a registered pupil is entitled to one vote, even if they have more than one child at the school.

Once the above mentioned appointments have been completed, the governors will then join the ‘shadow’ governing body (SGB) who will work alongside the IEB before assuming the full powers of a governing body on 1st January 2020.

It is essential that members of the shadow governing body attend IEB meetings as observers to help smooth the school’s return to normal governance arrangements.  The IEB meetings take place once a month, on a Monday, 16:00 -19:00. 

The first IEB meeting would be 8th July 2019.

Parent governor application form YT June 2019

Parent governor June 2019 disqualification-criteria