All visitors to the school must be by prior appointment only.


In order for our learners to take the fullest advantage of the learning experience available to them at Ysgol Treffynnon, they should maximise attendance rates and be fully engaged in all lessons. The schools’ attendance target is 95% and we see this as a minimum expectation for our learners.

It is essential that learners arrive in time for registration at 08:45, so that they receive important information or letters and to take part in the registration activities that have been planned. Parents are asked, if possible, not to make medical appointments during the school day, as missing lessons may cause gaps in learning. The Governing Body discourages any holidays during term time as doing so interrupts the learning process and can severely affect the learners’ education.

Learners with good attendance and punctuality will be rewarded throughout the year with certificates, prizes and rewards trips. The whole staff wishes to celebrate achievement in the school, through examination results and other experiences, and we believe that an attendance above 95% will help to facilitate this.