All visitors to the school must be by prior appointment only.

Additional Needs

Our most important function in the school is to identify and assess the additional needs of each pupil. These may be in basic literacy or numeracy, in the presentation of work, in concentration, in the management of classroom behaviour or in physical or sensory areas. Individual Education Programmes, involving parents and pupil’s are produced to ensure that the pupil’s receive an education appropriate to their needs.

We are careful to ensure that the provision for each child is appropriate through a system of Annual Reviews, Behaviour Planning Meetings and Transition Plans. The whole system is sufficiently flexible to allow for constant evaluation and reviews in the pupil’s interest.

Support and advice is given in other areas of the curriculum to address and support the pupil’s needs. It is our fundamental brief that pupil’s respond best to positive encouragement and we aim to ensure that their self esteem and confidence develops as they move through the school.