All visitors to the school must be by prior appointment only.

5 Year Vision – Parent Meeting

Yesterday we had our first meeting with Parents to help create a 5 year plan for our school to support our journey to excellence.

Excellence will only be possible if parents, staff, pupils and the local community work together to support our shared vision.

A shared vision will ensure we are all clear on what we want to achieve and the part we play in making it possible.

Last night we looked at what our ‘vision’ should be on the basis of what is important to you as parents.

Thank you to all those that attended the meeting last night, your input is so valuable. For those that could not make the meeting last night please have a look at the vision and let us know your thoughts.

Please email us on [email protected]

There will be further opportunities to take part in these sessions. Further dates will follow.

Thank you for your continued support.